Take the profitable exit that protects your B2B SaaS legacy

Sell your niche B2B SaaS business swiftly and forge ahead into your next pursuit.

Get the best price and
a straightforward transaction when you sell your B2B SaaS

Like most achievements, development of your B2B SaaS business has been a ‘labor of love.’ You’ve had to make some tough choices.

Now, because your hands are full, you’re ready to move on.

Give the reins to a team that takes the time to learn your brand values and long-term vision. Sell your B2B SaaS to us and experience your dream exit.

Transfer ownership quickly
and with confidence.

“The Brightmoat team moved crazy fast–we were the slower responder in every email and meeting setup. Sounds small, but this is a meaningful way for someone to show that they respect you.”

Collin Waldoch

Co-Founder of Water Cooler Trivia

Maintain peace of mind knowing that your customers and team are taken care of

Give your customers and team the ultimate parting gift: a seamless transition that maintains
the product, support, and leadership quality your community expects.


Is your niche B2B SaaS the right fit for Brightmoat?

Owning a business built from scratch is rewarding. But, what if you want a joyful and quick exit?

We buy humble B2B SaaS companies that show potential for continued growth. Find out if your business is a good fit.

Exit with ease and preserve the core
and soul of your business.

“I have confidence that my business will be looked after. The Brightmoat team focused on my customers with a clear game plan to tackle the competition. The migration process was organized and transfer of ownership moved quickly.

Leslie Alexander
Seller of EZCoordinator

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Our expertise is in long-term, niche B2B SaaS growth. We understand how hard you’ve worked to build your product and that no two businesses are the same. With no middlemen involved, now you can take the most profitable exit.
  • 01 Choose a full or partial cash-out
  • 02 Move on to your next venture fast
  • 03 Leave your team in good hands
  • 04 Maintain customer satisfaction
  • 05 Preserve your legacy long-term

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